Eclipse Glasses USA, the leading provider of premium solar viewing glasses, is not only raising awareness about the upcoming annular eclipse over the western United States in October but also shedding light on a concerning statistic. Recent research conducted by Eclipse Glasses USA indicates that only 20% of Americans are aware of the upcoming October eclipse, emphasizing the urgent need for public education and preparation.

The research, which surveyed a diverse sample of individuals across the country, revealed a significant lack of awareness regarding the celestial event. Despite the profound beauty and rarity of an annular eclipse, many Americans remain unaware of this extraordinary opportunity to witness nature's grand spectacle. Eclipse Glasses USA is determined to bridge this knowledge gap and ensure that a larger portion of the population can experience the awe-inspiring event firsthand.

"These findings are quite alarming," stated Eclipse Glasses USA owner, Roger Sarkis. "We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that people have the information they need to appreciate and safely enjoy this remarkable natural phenomenon. Our goal is to raise awareness and provide the necessary tools for individuals to witness the annular eclipse with wonder and amazement."

Additional research found that while 75% of respondents said they would view the eclipse, only 54% of those said they would be purchasing glasses or viewers to safely view the eclipse.

In response to the research findings, Eclipse Glasses USA is intensifying its efforts to educate the public about the upcoming annular eclipse. Through targeted awareness campaigns, collaboration with educational institutions and community organizations, and media outreach, the company aims to reach a wider audience and close the information gap.

With the countdown to the annular eclipse well underway, Eclipse Glasses USA urges all Americans to take proactive steps to prepare for this extraordinary event. By obtaining ISO certified solar viewing glasses, which can be conveniently purchased through their website at, individuals can safeguard their eyes while immersing themselves in the splendor of the "ring of fire" effect during the eclipse.

Roger Sarkis