Lately on our social media pages, we have seen comments on our content regarding the use of makeshift eclipse views instead of simply using eclipse glasses. There have been many references to using tinfoil. We still do not know what this is referring to but if you love your eyesight, tinfoil doesn't sound like a safe alternative to ISO eclipse glasses.

Others have mentioned the cereal box idea, which seems to have merit. But are you going to use multiple cereal boxes for every member of your family. Eclipse glasses cost about $2/pair. Wouldn't you rather just buy a pack rather than keep 5+ cereal boxes and then spend an hour or so attempting to dismantle them in a way that makes them safe for viewing the upcoming eclipses?

Finally, the welding helmet. Of the three eclipse glasses alternatives, this is the only legitimate one we can substantiate. There is one caveat though: just like eclipse glasses, the protective film that makes it possible to safely view the electrical arc does degrade over time. That protective film's shelf life is similar to our eclipse glasses: 7-10 years. One TikTok user said they would just use their welding helmet they got in high school. That's fine if that user was in high school in 2013 or more recently. But if not, it is not worth harming your eyesight. Spend the $11-$12 and just get a pack that you know has been manufactured in the last couple of weeks and has a long shelf life.

August 05, 2023 — Roger Sarkis

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