Eclipse Optics and Eclipse Glasses USA's donation programs are designed to be simple yet impactful. We invite individuals and organizations to donate their used glasses so that they can be donated for future use by specific populations in need of such eyewear.

Reading glasses donation program

Reading Glasses Collection Broker

Eclipse Optics plays a vital role in bridging the gap for individuals who want to donate to the Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Program but do not live within a convenient distance from a recycling center. As a donation broker, Eclipse Optics facilitates the collection and redistribution of used reading glasses, ensuring they reach those in need, despite geographical barriers. This initiative mirrors the successful model of our eclipse glasses give back program, leveraging our logistics and community outreach to make a significant impact.

The Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Program is an established global initiative that aims to provide glasses to underprivileged individuals who would otherwise not have access to proper eyewear. Access to eyeglasses can profoundly affect a person's life, improving vision clarity for reading, learning, working, and everyday activities. However, the reach of this program can be limited by the availability of local recycling centers. That's where Eclipse Optics steps in, expanding the accessibility of this critical service.

Eclipse Optics utilizes its resources and networks to collect reading glasses from donors who are located far from Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Centers. Donors can send their used, but still functional, reading glasses to Eclipse Optics, where they are collected and stored until a sufficient number is reached. These reading glasses must be in good condition, free of significant damage that could impair vision, such as severe scratches or broken frames, ensuring that the recipients receive eyewear that genuinely improves their visual health.

Once a significant number of glasses has been amassed, Eclipse Optics undertakes the responsibility of transporting them to the nearest Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center. This action not only ensures that the glasses are processed and recycled according to the Lions Club’s high standards but also extends the reach of the program to areas beyond those where centers are located. By doing so, Eclipse Optics plays a crucial role in making the donation process as seamless and impactful as possible.

The operation is similar to our eclipse glasses give back program, which collects and redistributes special glasses used to safely view solar eclipses. By applying the same principles of community engagement and efficient logistics, Eclipse Optics maximizes the impact of each donation, whether it is for a rare astronomical event or for everyday needs.

To facilitate the donation process, Eclipse Optics has established an easy-to-use system where donors can mail their glasses to our facility. We also engage with local communities through events and partnerships with other organizations to raise awareness about our program and encourage more people to participate. Education about the importance of eyeglass recycling is also a part of our initiative, helping donors understand how their contributions make a difference.

This program not only aids in environmental sustainability by repurposing usable eyewear but also addresses significant health disparities. For many recipients, receiving a pair of glasses from the Lions program through Eclipse Optics can mean the difference between difficulty in daily tasks and a renewed ability to engage fully with the world around them.

In summary, Eclipse Optics is dedicated to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location relative to a Lions Eyeglasses Recycling Center, can contribute to this life-changing cause. Through our strategic role as a donation broker, we help extend the reach of eyeglass recycling efforts, turning every pair of donated glasses into a gift of improved vision and quality of life.

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Our donation programs have been featured in national media due to the overwhelming public response.

In 2024, we collected over 500,000 used eclipse glasses to donate to schools in Hawaii, South America, and Africa for their upcoming eclipse events.