Eclipse Optics and Eclipse Glasses USA's donation programs are designed to be simple yet impactful. We invite individuals and organizations to donate their used glasses so that they can be donated for future use by specific populations in need of such eyewear.

Safety Glasses donation program

New Beginnings

The New Beginnings program is an innovative initiative designed to support individuals who are transitioning back into society after incarceration. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by parolees, particularly in securing employment in industries like construction and manufacturing, New Beginnings focuses on a critical but often overlooked aspect of reintegration: safety equipment. Specifically, the program collects used but undamaged safety glasses that meet the rigorous American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. These glasses are then donated to parolees across any state willing to participate in this benevolent initiative.

Reentry into society post-incarceration presents a myriad of challenges for former inmates. Among the most daunting is finding stable employment, which is crucial for reducing the rate of recidivism and fostering a successful transition. However, many parolees find their options limited to certain sectors where safety regulations require specific gear, including protective eyewear. Unfortunately, the cost of such equipment can be a significant barrier, preventing these individuals from starting anew and securing the jobs they need.

Our New Beginnings program aims to remove this barrier by ensuring that parolees have access to necessary safety eyewear. By collecting safety glasses that are no longer needed but still in good condition, we help fulfill a vital need that might otherwise go unmet. This not only aids the individual parolees by enhancing their job readiness but also benefits the broader community by facilitating smoother reintegration processes.

The process of collecting these glasses involves community participation and the support of local businesses and individuals. We encourage donations of any safety glasses that are no longer in use, provided they still meet all required ANSI safety standards. These glasses are then inspected by our team to ensure they are free from scratches, cracks, or any other damages that could impair their effectiveness. Once verified, the glasses are cleaned, packaged, and prepared for distribution.

Participating states receive these donations and distribute them through various reentry programs and parole offices. This statewide collaboration not only broadens the impact of the New Beginnings program but also encourages a community-based approach to addressing the challenges faced by returning citizens.

In addition to providing safety glasses, our program also focuses on raising awareness about the importance of proper safety equipment in the workplace. Through workshops and partnerships with local organizations, we educate both employers and parolees about the role of safety gear in preventing workplace injuries. This educational component ensures that both parties understand the value and necessity of maintaining high standards of workplace safety, ultimately leading to better employment outcomes for parolees.

The New Beginnings program is more than just a distribution of safety glasses; it is a symbol of hope and a tool of empowerment for those looking to rebuild their lives. It aligns with our broader mission of supporting individuals who face significant barriers to integration and success. Through this program, we are not just giving away protective eyewear; we are helping to secure a safer, more productive future for individuals who are eager to move forward and contribute positively to society.

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Our donation programs have been featured in national media due to the overwhelming public response.

In 2024, we collected over 500,000 used eclipse glasses to donate to schools in Hawaii, South America, and Africa for their upcoming eclipse events.