At Eclipse Optics, we deeply value the dedication and sacrifice of our military and first responders. As a company owned and operated by former military and law enforcement professionals, we understand the unique challenges faced by those who serve. To express our gratitude, we proudly offer an exclusive discount to all active and retired military personnel, as well as first responders. This discount is our way of giving back to the brave individuals who protect our communities and nation. With Eclipse Optics, you can trust in top-quality products designed by those who have been in your shoes. Thank you for your service; it's our honor to support you.

Verify your service by using the or GovX link below. Discounts will be applied at checkout.

Verify your eligibility with or GovX to receive this exclusive discount.

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Discount available for Military, First Responders, Medical Workers and Teachers

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How does verification work? provides discounts for various communities, including nurses, military personnel, students, teachers, veterans, and more. To qualify for these discounts, you must verify your identity by providing relevant information and documents. After verifying, you can access exclusive discounts through Eclipse Optics.

Who is eligible?

Currently, military (active duty, veterans, and retirees), nurses (RNs, CNAs, LPNs, etc), and public safety professionals (police, fire, EMT, and 911 dispatchers) are eligible for the discount.

What is the discount?

The discount is 25%

What can the discount be used for?

As a gesture of appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice made by military, nurses, and public safety professionals, we have extended the 25% discount to any product in our store.