Hello! We're Roger and Allyssa, the founders of Eclipse Optics, formerly Eclipse Glasses USA. Our journey began as educators, deeply inspired by the profound impact the 2017 Great North American Eclipse had on our students. This pivotal moment led us to establish Eclipse Glasses USA, dedicated to providing high-quality, ISO-certified eclipse glasses. Our mission continues to be to ensure that children, students, and everyone interested can safely experience the wonder of solar eclipses, like the October 2023 Annular Eclipse and the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse.

Since the April 2024 eclipse, we have decided to expand our offers to other areas within the eyewear space.

All of our eyewear is designed with safety and clarity in mind, allowing users to protect their eyes during all sorts of events ranging from solar eclipses to everyday activities like reading. We only sell eyewear that meets relevant safety standards (ISO, ANSI, etc).

Thank you for choosing our family's business to support your functional eyewear needs.