Eclipse Glasses USA, a leading provider of high-quality solar eclipse glasses, is issuing an urgent advisory to the public to purchase their eclipse glasses well in advance of upcoming celestial events. With the 2017 North American eclipse still fresh in our minds, when eclipse glasses flew off the shelves, Eclipse Glasses USA emphasizes the importance of acquiring these essential viewing accessories early to avoid disappointment and ensure safe and memorable eclipse experiences.

The upcoming celestial events have captured the imagination of astronomy enthusiasts and the general public alike. As anticipation builds for these extraordinary occurrences, it is crucial to take proactive steps to protect one's eyesight when witnessing a solar eclipse. Eclipse Glasses USA has consistently stood at the forefront of eclipse safety, providing industry-leading, ISO-certified eclipse glasses that guarantee safe and unobstructed viewing of these rare astronomical phenomena.

During the 2017 North American eclipse, the demand for eclipse glasses skyrocketed, resulting in shortages across the country and fake eclipse glasses flooding the market as over an estimated 200 million pairs were sold. Many eager individuals were left without proper protection for their eyes, jeopardizing their vision and missing out on the awe-inspiring spectacle that a solar eclipse offers. Eclipse Glasses USA is determined to prevent history from repeating itself and wants to ensure that every enthusiast, student, and curious observer has access to safe, reliable eclipse glasses.

"We vividly recall the frenzy surrounding the 2017 North American eclipse, with people scrambling to find proper eclipse glasses at the last minute," said Roger Sarkis, owner of Eclipse Glasses USA. "As we approach upcoming celestial events, we want to emphasize the importance of planning ahead and acquiring eclipse glasses sooner rather than later. As well, we urge the public to do their due diligence on the companies they’re buying from. Just because a vendor is on Amazon does not mean their glasses are safe. By performing their due diligence, individuals can have peace of mind knowing they have secured their viewing accessories and can focus on experiencing the remarkable wonders of a solar eclipse."

Eclipse Glasses USA's product line features a wide range of options to suit various preferences and budgets. All glasses undergo rigorous testing to meet or exceed ISO 12312-2 safety standards, ensuring optimal protection against harmful solar radiation. By choosing Eclipse Glasses USA, customers can trust in the highest level of eye safety and visual clarity, enabling them to observe the celestial marvels with confidence and without any compromise to their vision.

Roger Sarkis