Eclipse Optics is deeply committed to student success and safety through its comprehensive school discount program. Recognizing the essential role of clear vision in academic achievement, the program offers significant discounts on high-quality eyewear to students, ensuring they have the visual clarity needed for their studies. Eclipse Optics collaborates with schools to provide convenient on-site vision screenings and fittings, making it easy for students to access the care they need.

Safety is paramount in Eclipse Optics' approach. The eyewear provided meets rigorous safety standards, protecting students' eyes during various school activities, including sports and lab work. The program also includes educational resources on eye health and safety, empowering students with knowledge to take proactive steps in maintaining their vision.

By reducing financial barriers and prioritizing safety, Eclipse Optics' school discount program fosters an environment where students can thrive academically and stay protected, reflecting the company's dedication to nurturing future generations.

Blue Light Blocker Discounts

Avoiding Eye Strain and the Health Effects of Blue Light

The modern classroom is filled with devices that emit blue light wavelengths. To ensure students are protected from both eye strain and other negative health effects caused by prolonged blue light exposure, we offer discounts to schools on our blue light products. Please email info@eclipse23.com from a .edu or .org domain for a discount code to be used at checkout.


Our internationally-recognized discount and donation programs seek to ensure students around the world get to safely witness solar eclipses and engage in other educational experiences while not compromising their eye health.