The History of Lunar Eclipses

Learn about the history of lunar eclipse observations and how modern society views them
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The Basics of Our Natural Satellite: the Moon

Learn about the Moon's magnetism, its gravity, and the effect it has on Earth
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The Basics of Solar Radiation

Learn what solar radiation is and its impacts on Earth's atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere

Solar Sails

Learn what solar sails are, how they are being used, how they have been deployed in space, and the challenges in using them for space travel.
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Everything You Need to Know About Lunar Eclipses

Learn about

  • What is a Lunar Eclipse
  • Types of Lunar Eclipses
  • Lunar Eclipse Visibility
  • Preparing for a Lunar Eclipse
  • The Impact of Lunar Eclipses
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Stellar Characteristics: Luminosity, Magnitude, Size, and Distance

Learn about

  • Chemical Composition of Stars
  • Spectral Classification of Stars
  • Stellar Mass and Luminosity
  • Stellar Radius and Temperature
  • Stellar Sizes and Distances
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The Future of Soil

Learn about soils

  • Soil Formation
  • Soil Types
  • Soil Horizons
  • Climate Change and Soils
  • Nitrogen Depletion of Soils
  • Soil Nutrients
  • Soil Pollution
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Star Systems

Learn about 

  • Binary Stars
  • Star Clusters
  • Galaxies
  • Survey of Stars
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Observing Stellar Objects

Learn about

  • Telescopes and Observations
  • Studying Stellar Objects
  • Calibrating the Positions of Stars
  • Brightness and Magnitude of Stars
  • Photometry of Stars

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Classification of Stars

Learn about the types of star classification systems as well as the life and death of stars like our Sun and others
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Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation

Learn about climate change

  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Atmospheric Circulation (Walker Circulation, Hadley Cells, Rossby Waves)
  • Climate Zones
  • El Nino and La Nina
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How Fire Helped Humans Evolve

Learn how fire enabled human brains to grow by way of added caloric intake and socializing