Credit to for their robust analysis of average weather for October 14.

Average pressure system location for October 14

While not a guarantee, this map shows us the average locations of high and low pressure systems for October 14, as indicated by capital Hs and Ls, respectively. We see that the interior path of the eclipse shows promise, with a weaker high pressure system, which is typically associated with clear, fair weather around Colorado.

However, there are a number of low pressure systems, which are associated with cloud cover and unstable weather, that could affect eclipse viewing in Southern California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The Pacific Northwest, however, may have great viewing of the annular eclipse owing to the semi-permanent North Pacific High pressure system situated off of the west coast. The strength of that high may be sufficient to provide clear viewing for Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, and Nevada.

Thanks, again to for this data.

Roger Sarkis