The celestial phenomenon of a solar eclipse has always captivated the human imagination. However, the awe-inspiring event comes with a cautionary note: it's essential to protect your eyes while observing it. Eclipse Glasses USA, a leading provider of solar eclipse glasses, has taken this to heart by launching a unique Educator Discount Program specifically designed for schools. The program is even more special because it caters to different types of schools: non-Title 1 schools, Title 1 schools, and schools serving special needs populations.

The Educator Discount Program

For Non-Title 1 Schools

Non-Title 1 schools can benefit from a standard discount when they purchase solar eclipse glasses from Eclipse Glasses USA. These glasses are ISO 12312-2:2015 Certified, CE Certified, AAS Approved, and NASA Approved, ensuring the highest level of safety for students. Designed, made, and shipped in the USA, these glasses use a silver polymer solar filter to block harmful UV, visible, and IR radiation from the Sun.

Special At-Cost Pricing for Title 1 Schools

Understanding the budget constraints that Title 1 schools often face, Eclipse Glasses USA offers these schools the glasses at cost. This initiative ensures that financial limitations do not hinder the educational experience of students in these schools. They can safely and affordably access high-quality, reliable eclipse glasses, allowing them to partake in the wonder of a solar eclipse.

Donations to Special Needs Schools

Going above and beyond, Eclipse Glasses USA also donates glasses to schools serving special needs populations. This ensures that these schools are not left out and that their students also get to experience the wonder of a solar eclipse in a safe and inclusive manner.

Why Choose Eclipse Glasses USA?

1. Quality: The glasses are ISO and CE-compliant, ensuring they meet global safety standards for solar viewing.

2. Made in the USA: The glasses are designed, made, and shipped from the USA, supporting local businesses.

3. Educational Equity: The tiered discount program ensures that all schools, regardless of their financial situation, can provide their students with this educational tool.

4. Limited Supplies: Given the soaring demand for high-quality, reliable eclipse glasses, the company recommends reserving your pairs early.

Eclipse Glasses USA's Educator Discount Program is not just a discount scheme; it's a commitment to educational equity and the safe enjoyment of one of nature's most awe-inspiring spectacles. Whether you're a non-Title 1 school, a Title 1 school, or a school serving special needs populations, this program has something for everyone.

Email for more information and do it quick. The October eclipse is less than 2 months away!

August 28, 2023 — Roger Sarkis


Jen Kubat said:

Hello, what is the cost for title 1 schools? I see it’s at-cost, but how much is that and how would I order? Thank you!

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