Eclipse Glasses USA and Children's Community School Join Forces to Safeguard Students During the October 2023 Annular Eclipse

PROVO, UT / VAN NUYS, CA – 1 August 2023 – Eclipse Glasses USA, a leading provider of ISO-certified eclipse glasses, proudly announces its partnership with Children's Community School in Van Nuys, California, to ensure the safety of students, their families, and faculty members during the highly anticipated October 2023 annular eclipse.

With an unwavering commitment to promoting safe eclipse observations, Eclipse Glasses USA has sold a generous specially-priced supply of ISO-certified eclipse glasses to Children's Community School. This significant collaboration aims to enable students and educators at the school to witness the eclipse event without any compromise on their vision protection.

An annular eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, creating a stunning "ring of fire" effect. The October 2023 annular eclipse promises to be an extraordinary astronomical spectacle, and Children's Community School recognizes the educational value of such a rare event. By partnering with Eclipse Glasses USA, the school ensures that its students can experience this natural wonder safely and without any concern for eye damage.


"We are thrilled to support Children's Community School in their mission to provide a hands-on and enriching educational experience to their students," said Roger Sarkis, owner of Eclipse Glasses USA and a university science educator himself. "As experts in eye protection and science education for eclipses, we understand the significance of allowing young minds to witness these astronomical occurrences safely. Our ISO-compliant eclipse glasses offer the highest standard of eye safety, providing peace of mind to parents, educators, and students alike."


The partnership between Eclipse Glasses USA and Children's Community School exemplifies the dedication both organizations have towards fostering a passion for science and learning among the next generation. The collaboration also underscores the shared vision of ensuring that students can participate in awe-inspiring celestial events responsibly and with proper safeguards.


"We are extremely grateful to Eclipse Glasses USA for their generous contribution of their wonderful product to our students and staff," said Azizi Williams, Head of School at Children's Community School. "Our educational philosophy is centered around hands-on learning and inquiry, making the upcoming annular eclipse a unique educational opportunity. The safety of our students is our top priority, so with the donation of these ISO-compliant eclipse glasses, we can now confidently immerse our students in this extraordinary celestial phenomenon.``

Eclipse Glasses USA encourages everyone to enjoy the October 2023 annular eclipse responsibly by using ISO-compliant eclipse glasses. These glasses offer the highest level of protection against harmful solar radiation and ensure that viewers can appreciate the stunning beauty of the annular eclipse safely.

About Eclipse Glasses USA:

Eclipse Glasses USA is a leading provider of high-quality, ISO-compliant eclipse glasses, committed to promoting safe viewing experiences during solar events. With a wide range of protective eyewear and a dedicated team of experts, Eclipse Glasses USA has been a trusted name in the industry, providing safety solutions for celestial enthusiasts across the United States.

About Children's Community School:

Located in Van Nuys, California, Children’s Community School is a progressive school dedicated to teaching children to think for themselves, collaborate successfully with others, and take responsibility for their own education in a safe and loving environment. CCS embraces the principles of diversity, self-determination and participation in democracy. The school is dedicated to offering enriching and hands-on STEM experiences that inspire a love for learning and science exploration.


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