We offer a number of school discount programs for our products. See below for details and contact info.

Reading Glasses Discounts

Readers for Students

We are proud to be an FDA approved seller of reading glasses. As part of our commitment to student academic success, we offer specific discounts to schools that seek to provide students with reading glasses. Please email info@eclipse23.com from a .edu or .org domain for a discount code to be used at checkout.

Blue Light Blocker Discounts

Avoiding Eye Strain and the Health Effects of Blue Light

The modern classroom is filled with devices that emit blue light wavelengths. To ensure students are protected from both eye strain and other negative health effects caused by prolonged blue light exposure, we offer discounts to schools on our blue light products. Please email info@eclipse23.com from a .edu or .org domain for a discount code to be used at checkout.

Safety Eyewear discounts

Safety Eyewear for Schools

We know funding is often hard to come by. As part of Eclipse Optics's years' long commitment to ensuring student safety, we offer discounts on safety eyewear to schools that offer machining, woodworking, carpentry, auto technician and other programs where safety eyewear is required. Please email info@eclipse23.com from a .edu or .org domain for a discount code to be used at checkout.


ISO Eclipse Glasses Discounts

tl;dr email us a info@eclipse23.com for a discount code to use at checkout.

Discover the wonder of the cosmos with your students! At Eclipse Glasses USA, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of astronomers and scientists. As part of our commitment to education, we offer exclusive discounts to schools across the United States purchasing our ISO certified eclipse glasses in bulk.

Bring the Magic of Solar Eclipses to Your Classroom

There's nothing quite like the experience of a solar eclipse. This astronomical event brings the magic of the cosmos to life, fostering curiosity and fascination among students of all ages. Our eclipse glasses provide a safe and cost-effective way for students to witness this marvel of the universe. Read more about why viewing eclipses is so important for students' science education and development.

Trusted by Educators Nationwide

Having supplied many schools and thousands of students throughout multiple states, we understand that safety and quality are your top priorities. Rest assured, all our eclipse glasses are ISO certified, guaranteeing they meet the global safety standards for direct sun observation. Educators nationwide trust us to deliver exceptional products that guarantee both the safety and enjoyment of their students.

Bulk Discounts for Schools

We offer exclusive discounts for schools ordering in bulk. Whether you're planning for a science class, a school-wide event, or an educational fair, we've got you covered. 

Title 1 Discounts

We understand the budget challenges many schools face. This is especially true for our Title 1 customers. We are happy to offer a 20% discount to Title 1 customers.

Prepare for Future Eclipses

Upcoming solar eclipses provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about astronomy and our solar system. Start planning for these celestial events now, and take advantage of our school discounts to make sure all your students can experience the wonder of a solar eclipse safely.


Our flagship discount and donation programs seek to ensure students around the world get to witness a solar eclipse.