APEL: Innovation in Military Eyewear

As an elite warrior, your eyes are your most vital asset. When you step onto the battlefield or into a high-stakes mission, you need eyewear that enhances your vision and protects your eyes from all angles. For over 50 years, APEL Eyewear has engineered innovative, durable optics for the most demanding special operations forces. Trusted by Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, aviators and marksmen alike, APEL leverages cutting-edge technology to create eyewear that meets your unique needs. Whether you’re a SEAL swimming onto a hostage rescue, a Green Beret on a classified op, or a pilot navigating through enemy airspace, APEL equips you with the visual edge to complete the mission and return home safely. Discover eyewear designed for the tip of the spear.

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APEL Eyewear for Navy SEALs and Special Forces

Meeting the Demands of Special Operations

APEL eyewear is specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of special operations forces. APEL's ballistic eyewear provides impact protection and an unobstructed field of view for missions requiring stealth, speed, and maximum situational awareness. For night operations, Apel offers eyewear with built-in night vision compatibility and light amplification.

Advanced Lens Technology

APEL incorporates the latest lens technology to give operators an advantage in any environment. APEL's polarized, photochromic, and progressive lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions. Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coatings ensure maximum visibility in adverse conditions. For marksmen, Apel offers prescription lens inserts and custom lens shapes for an unimpeded sight picture.

Maximum Comfort and Compatibility

APEL eyewear is designed for maximum comfort during extended missions. Adjustable silicone nose pads and temple tips provide a secure, non-slip fit. Straps, retaining cords, and helmet mount options keep eyewear in place but easily accessible. APEL eyewear is also compatible with gas masks, communications equipment, and other protective gear.

A Tradition of Innovation

For over 20 years, APEL has pushed the boundaries of military eyewear. APEL works closely with special operations units to identify their unique needs and challenges. The result is a continuous stream of innovative designs, materials, and features that give operators an edge in the harshest, most demanding environments on earth. From the battlefield to the training ground, APEL is committed to providing the most advanced eyewear solutions for the special operations community.

Pilot and Aircrew Glasses From Apel

Rugged and Durable

APEL eyewear is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions Navy SEALs and Special Forces operate in. The frames are constructed from lightweight yet nearly indestructible titanium, providing impact resistance and durability. The lenses are made of ballistic-grade polycarbonate, the strongest material used in eyewear. This combination allows APEL eyewear to endure extremes of heat and cold as well as survive drops, scratches, and other impacts that would destroy ordinary glasses.

Enhanced Vision

APEL eyewear provides visual enhancements specifically tailored to the needs of special operations. Polarized lenses reduce glare, improving visibility and reducing eye strain. Specialized lens tints are designed to enhance the visibility of targets and terrain features in different environments. Some models also incorporate corrective lens prescriptions to ensure optimal vision for operators. These enhancements allow special operations forces to operate at their full potential in any environment.

Modular and Customizable

APEL eyewear is highly modular and customizable to suit the needs of different units and missions. Interchangeable lenses, straps, and other components allow operators to adapt their eyewear to changing light conditions and operational requirements. APEL also offers custom engraving and camouflage patterns to match unit insignia and blend into specific environments. This high degree of customization and modularity gives special operations forces the flexibility and adaptability they need to accomplish the most demanding missions.

APEL delivers innovative, highly specialized eyewear solutions for the elite warriors of Navy SEALs, Special Forces, and other special operations units. With its nearly indestructible yet lightweight construction, visual enhancements, and modular components, APEL eyewear provides the durability, functionality and adaptability these forces need to operate at the highest levels in any environment.

APEL Shooting Glasses for Marksmen and Snipers

Ballistic Protection and Optical Performance

APEL Military Eyewear offers high-performance glasses for pilots, aircrew, and flight officers that provide crucial ballistic protection without compromising visual acuity or comfort. Their lenses are made of polycarbonate, a highly impact-resistant plastic that meets or exceeds MIL-PRF-31013 standards for ballistic impact. Anti-reflective, mirrored, and photochromic lens options are available to reduce glare, increase contrast, and adapt to changing light conditions.

Maximum Comfort for Long Missions

For air missions that can last over 12 hours, comfort is key. Apel glasses feature adjustable silicone nose pads and temple tips to ensure a secure yet comfortable fit. Their ultra-lightweight frames minimize pressure points and fatigue. Models with larger lens sizes offer an unobstructed field of view for maximum situational awareness. Ventilated pads prevent fogging and overheating.

Modularity and Customization

APEL's pilot glasses come in a range of frame styles from sport to aviator to best suit personal preferences and mission requirements. Many models offer interchangeable lenses, straps, and other accessories for maximum modularity. Prescription inserts and lens upgrades are also available. Custom laser engraving, color options, and branding services allow units to personalize their eyewear to build unit cohesion and morale.

APEL Military Eyewear has earned the trust of air forces, pilots, and aircrew around the world, including units like the U.S. Air Force 1st Reconnaissance Squadron. Their glasses meet the demanding standards of professionals operating advanced fighter jets, cargo aircraft, helicopters, and drones in all conditions. When vision, protection, comfort, and quality matter most, APEL delivers elite performance eyewear for elite pilots and aircrew.

APEL Dog Handler Eyewear for K-9 Units

Optimal Visual Performance

APEL eyewear is specifically designed to provide marksmen and snipers with optimal visual performance for precision shooting. The wrap-around lens provides a wide field of view with minimal distortion, allowing for fast target acquisition. The lenses are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate and feature anti-reflective and mirror coatings to reduce glare while providing UV protection.

Ergonomic Fit

APEL shooting glasses feature an ergonomic wrap-around design that sits close to the face for maximum coverage and minimal light leakage. The adjustable nosepiece and temple arms provide a customized fit for different face shapes and sizes. The lightweight yet durable frame is made to withstand the demands of special operations while maintaining a comfortable fit during extended wear.

Modular Accessories

APEL eyewear is designed to integrate with several modular accessories for enhanced capability. Side shield attachments provide additional protection from environmental elements like wind, dust and debris. Prescription lens inserts allow those requiring vision correction to utilize the eyewear. Mounting platforms on the temple arms accept accessories like cameras, lighting systems, and communication headsets for hands-free use.


APEL shooting glasses meet or exceed ballistic standards for high-mass and high-velocity impact, making them suitable for most small-arms fire and fragment threats encountered during special operations missions. The rugged yet lightweight design provides ocular protection without compromising mobility or situational awareness. APEL eyewear gives marksmen and snipers mission-essential protective equipment so they can focus on the task at hand.

Overall, APEL shooting glasses deliver an innovative solution for vision protection, enhancement and integration of modular accessories required by special operations forces marksmen and snipers during demanding missions. The optimal visual performance, ergonomic fit and mission-ready design provide the capability and reliability needed to achieve operational objectives. With APEL, vision is mission-critical.

Roger Sarkis