APEL Military Eyewear for Optimal Eye Protection

As an active service member, you know that proper eyewear is essential for carrying out missions safely and effectively across all environments. In harsh deserts, humid jungles, frigid arctics, cramped urban areas, or rocky mountains, having gear designed specifically for the unique challenges of each terrain is critical. That's why APEL offers innovative military eyewear to provide optimal protection and performance no matter where duty calls you. With specialized ballistic lenses, durable frames, and advanced features tailored to different climates and combat scenarios, APEL eyewear gives you the edge to take on any landscape and complete objectives with vision you can rely on. This article explores APEL's eyewear technologies engineered for the rigors and demands of operations in diverse global environments.

Features of APEL Eyewear for Desert Ops

Desert Operations and Eyewear Needs

Operating in desert environments requires eyewear that protects against intense sunlight and sand. APEL eyewear is designed to shield against UVA/UVB rays and features side shields to prevent sand ingress. The vented design also prevents fogging in hot weather.

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Jungle and Tropical Environments

In dense jungle terrain, eyewear needs to provide protection from sunlight filtering through the canopy as well as shield against insects and debris. APEL eyewear for jungle operations features a wrap-around design with side shields and anti-fog coatings suited to hot, humid environments.

Arctic and Cold Weather Conditions

Eyewear for arctic operations must protect against snow blindness from intense reflected sunlight on snow and ice. APEL cold weather eyewear is designed to shield UVA/UVB rays while also preventing fogging in subzero temperatures. The robust frame and lens material is suited to extremely cold weather.

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Urban and Close Quarters Combat

Eyewear for urban combat must provide impact protection and shield against debris in confined spaces. APEL's close quarters eyewear features a robust, impact-resistant frame and lens material suited to confined spaces. An adjustable elastic strap ensures eyewear remains secured during physical activity. Side shields provide additional protection.

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High Altitude and Mountain Terrain

Operating at high altitude requires eyewear that protects against intense UV radiation in thinner atmosphere as well as prevents fogging. APEL high altitude eyewear features specialized UVA/UVB protective lenses and an innovative vented frame design to prevent fogging, even at high altitude. Robust materials are suited to extreme conditions.

With specialized eyewear for any environment, APEL provides military operators with optimal protection and visibility for the most demanding operations on any terrain.

APEL Lenses for Jungle and Tropical Environments

Advanced Lens Technology

APEL eyewear is equipped with high-performance polycarbonate lenses that offer 100% UV protection and are impact-resistant, protecting your eyes from harsh desert conditions. The lenses are treated with an advanced anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, ensuring maximum visibility in hot environments.

Ventilation and Moisture Control

The frame design allows for maximum airflow and ventilation, preventing fogging and keeping your eyes comfortable. The lightweight yet durable frame is constructed from a moisture-wicking polymer that helps channel perspiration away from your eyes.

Sand and Wind Protection

APEL eyewear provides wrap-around eye protection to shield against blowing sand, dust and debris. The frame extends to cover the sides of the eyes while the brow bar prevents particles from entering from above. This full-coverage design protects against environmental hazards common in desert terrain without compromising your field of view.


APEL eyewear is designed to be worn comfortably with other protective gear like gas masks, helmets and communication equipment. The adjustable strap and nose pad ensure a customized fit for each wearer. Multiple interchangeable lens tints are available for different light conditions, including a high-contrast yellow tint ideal for low-light desert ops.

With advanced lens technology, ventilation, sand/wind protection and compatibility with protective gear, APEL eyewear is ideal for optimal vision and comfort in harsh, hot desert environments. This high-performance eyewear provides the durability and functionality needed for desert operations while maximizing safety.

Staying Visible With APEL in Arctic Conditions

Ballistic Protection

When operating in jungle environments, ballistic eyewear is essential for protecting against debris, shrapnel, and small arms fire. APEL lenses are constructed from ultra-durable polycarbonate materials that meet or exceed ballistic impact requirements for MIL-PRF-32432. These lenses provide protection against impacts up to 650 FPS in velocity, ensuring maximum safety in combat situations.

Fog and Scratch Resistance

The hot, humid climate of jungles and tropical regions can cause lenses to fog up, obscuring visibility. APEL lenses feature an anti-fog coating that prevents condensation buildup. They are also treated with a scratch-resistant coating that protects against abrasions from vegetation and environmental debris. These coatings allow for maximum optical clarity and visibility in challenging conditions.

Comfort and Breathability

Operating in extreme heat while wearing ballistic eyewear can be uncomfortable if the eyewear does not breathe well. APEL lenses are installed in lightweight yet durable frames that are designed for comfort. The frames are constructed from a nylon-based polymer that is highly breathable yet impact-resistant. Rubberized pads on the nose bridge and temple arms prevent slipping while allowing for airflow. These features maximize comfort for long-term wear in hot environments.

Modular System

APEL lenses come in a modular system that allows users to easily change between clear, tinted, and high-contrast yellow lenses based on lighting conditions and operational needs. The ability to quickly switch lenses in the field provides maximum flexibility and visual acuity across a range of jungle combat and ambient lighting scenarios. The APEL modular system is a comprehensive solution for ballistic eyewear in tropical environments.

With maximum ballistic protection, fog/scratch resistance, breathability, and modularity, APEL lenses deliver optimal performance for military operations in jungle and tropical environments. These lenses provide the durability, optical clarity, and versatility needed for effectiveness across diverse combat situations.

Urban Combat and CQB Eyewear Needs

Camouflage for Stealth

When operating in arctic environments, visibility and concealment are equally important. APEL eyewear offers interchangeable lens covers in arctic camouflage patterns to help blend into snowy landscapes. The lens covers simply slide over the impact-resistant lenses, allowing you to adapt to changing terrain and light conditions. Remove the covers when maximum visibility is needed, such as during patrols or combat.

Anti-Fog and Scratch-Resistant

The arctic poses unique challenges like extreme cold, high winds, and dry air. APEL lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating to prevent condensation buildup on the inside of the lens. They are also scratch-resistant to withstand harsh conditions without compromising your vision.

Infrared Protection

Some APEL models offer infrared protection for high-altitude operations where UV radiation is intensified. The infrared-blocking lens prevents glare and helps avoid eye strain, fatigue, and temporary vision impairment from bright light exposure.

Modular Design

APEL eyewear features a modular design with interchangeable lenses, straps, and other components that can be swapped out based on your environment and activity. In arctic conditions, a molded rubber strap helps keep the eyewear securely in place despite heavy layers or a balaclava. Foam inserts provide insulation and prevent heat loss around the eyes.

Maximum Coverage

Look for APEL models that offer maximum coverage, such as goggles that seal around the eyes to protect from wind, snow, and debris. For operations where goggles are not suitable, select eyewear with wrap-around lenses and wide temples to shield as much of the eye area as possible while still enabling a wide field of view.

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With the right selection of lenses and accessories, APEL eyewear provides optimal protection and performance for missions in even the harshest arctic conditions. Adjustable features allow you to tailor your eyewear to changing needs and environments, keeping you ready for any situation.

Roger Sarkis