APEL Eyewear: The Gold Standard in Military Eye Protection

As a soldier, the gear you rely on can mean the difference between life and death. When it comes to your vision, you need eyewear that stands up to the extreme conditions of combat while enhancing your performance. In this article, you’ll discover the essential APEL military eyewear that provides the vital protection and visual clarity you need to take on any mission or training exercise. Learn about the latest impact-resistant goggles, sunglasses, prescription lenses, and night vision systems designed specifically for the rigors of your profession. Gain insight into choosing eyewear for different environments, from scorching deserts to dark forests. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or new recruit, this guide outlines the eyewear that every soldier needs to achieve optimal vision and safety in the field. Equip yourself with the critical knowledge to select durable, high-performance military eyewear that won’t let you down when it matters most.

Essential Combat Eyewear: Ballistic Glasses and Goggles

Ballistic Protection

APEL eyewear meets stringent military ballistic impact standards to shield against fragments and debris. The polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than regular glass lenses. Models like the APEL Ballistic M Frame provide wraparound protection and an adjustable nosepiece for maximum coverage and comfort during combat or training.

Polarized and Mirrored Lenses

For operations in bright, sunny environments, polarized or mirrored lenses reduce glare and improve visual acuity. Polarized lenses block intense reflected light, while mirrored lenses deflect sunlight. Options like the APEL Recon offer polarized or mirrored lens choices suited for desert combat or amphibious operations.

Low Light Enhancement

For nighttime missions or operations in low visibility, APEL offers eyewear integrated with image intensification technology. Models such as the APEL PVS-14 Night Vision Goggle Assembly include a hands-free night vision monocular that provides clear viewing in darkness. Automatic brightness control and an adjustable headband ensure comfortable, customized low light enhancement for each user.

Prescription Inserts

APEL eyewear is compatible with prescription lens inserts for soldiers requiring vision correction. Inserts mount securely behind the APEL eyewear frame, enabling soldiers to benefit from the protective and performance features of APEL eyewear regardless of vision needs. Prescription inserts are impact-rated and available in single vision, bifocal, and progressive lens styles in a range of powers.

With options for all combat and training scenarios, from standard eye protection to sophisticated night vision systems, APEL eyewear represents the most technologically advanced solution for military eye protection. By shielding eyes from harm and enhancing visual performance, APEL eyewear helps maximize effectiveness, situational awareness, and safety for soldiers operating in demanding conditions.

Sunglasses for Outdoor Training and Operations

Ballistic Glasses

Ballistic glasses are essential protective eyewear for combat and field operations. They are designed to protect against ballistic threats like small fragments. Look for glasses that meet the MIL-PRF-31013 standard for ballistic protection. Models with scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses offer impact resistance and optical clarity. Select a frame in a matte color like black, olive drab, or camouflage for tactical use.

military glasses

Tactical Goggles

For extreme environments, tactical goggles provide essential eye protection. Look for goggles that meet the MIL-PRF-32432 standard, which requires impact and scratch resistance along with fog resistance. Goggles with a wide field of view and an adjustable elastic strap provide the most tactical functionality. Select a fan-assisted model for the highest level of fog resistance. Some tactical goggles also offer compatibility with night vision devices for low light operations.

tactical goggles

Prescription Inserts

For soldiers requiring vision correction, prescription inserts allow the use of ballistic eyewear and goggles. The inserts fit securely behind the lenses of compatible eyewear models. Look for inserts made of impact-resistant polycarbonate to maintain ballistic protection. Select inserts in lens powers ranging from -2.00 to -4.00 diopters for the best functionality behind ballistic lenses.


When selecting essential combat eyewear, consider the tactical requirements, threat levels, and environmental conditions of the operations. Ballistic protection, optical quality, fog resistance, and compatibility with night vision devices are all important factors for maximum functionality and safety. With the proper selection of ballistic eyewear and prescription options, soldiers can maintain effective vision and eye protection in demanding combat conditions.

Prescription Military Eyewear for Better Vision

When conducting training operations outdoors, protective eyewear is essential for soldier safety and effectiveness.

Impact-Resistant Lenses

Look for sunglasses with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 impact standards. Polycarbonate lenses can withstand the impact of objects traveling at high speeds without shattering. For high-risk training where debris and shrapnel are concerns, choose eyewear with ballistic-rated lenses that meet MIL-PRF-31013 standards.

Polarized or Photochromic Lenses

Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces like water or snow. Photochromic lenses automatically darken in bright light and lighten in lower light, providing versatile protection. Either option enhances visual acuity and reduces eye strain in variable outdoor lighting conditions.

Full Coverage

For maximum protection, select eyewear that provides full coverage, shielding your eyes from all angles. Wrap-around sunglasses help prevent objects, UV radiation, and glare from entering at the sides. For high-speed operations or activities where debris may be airborne, consider goggles for complete coverage.

Secure and Comfortable Fit

Sunglasses should fit securely and comfortably for long-term wear during extended outdoor training. Look for options with adjustable nose pads, temples, and straps to ensure sunglasses stay in place. Comfort features like non-slip nose pads and temple grips, as well as breathable materials, help reduce discomfort from heat and perspiration during intense activity.

With the right protective eyewear, soldiers can train safely and effectively in a variety of outdoor conditions and operational environments. Impact-resistant, polarized or photochromic lenses in a full-coverage, securely fitting frame provide essential protection from the elements for peak visual performance. By safeguarding this vital sense, soldiers are equipped to achieve their mission in any terrain or weather.

Advanced Night Vision Goggles for Low Light Combat

As a soldier, your vision is one of your most critical assets. Prescription eyewear allows you to maintain 20/20 vision in combat and training, even if you normally require glasses or contacts. Several options are available for different vision needs.

Single Vision Lenses

For nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia), single vision lenses provide correction for distance or reading. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and durable frames designed for military use ensure your eyewear can withstand demanding conditions. Anti-reflective and mirror coatings reduce glare and help camouflage your eyes.

Progressive or Bifocal Lenses

For presbyopia or needing different prescriptions for distance and near vision, progressive or bifocal lenses allow you to see clearly at multiple ranges. Progressive lenses provide a gradual transition between prescriptions, while bifocals have a visible line separating lens portions. Both options are available in impact-resistant materials suitable for military eyewear.

Specialized Lens Options

Photosensitive lenses that automatically darken in bright light can replace sunglasses. High-index lenses offer thinner, lighter lenses for stronger prescriptions. Aspheric lenses reduce distortion and create a flatter lens profile under helmets or night vision goggles. Scratch-resistant and anti-fog coatings improve lens durability and function in adverse conditions.

Prescription military eyewear provides essential vision correction and protection for soldiers. Impact-resistant, durable options with specialized lens materials and coatings are available for most vision needs. Corrective eyewear optimized for military use helps ensure mission readiness and effectiveness for all personnel. By safeguarding your vision, prescription eyewear is a critical component of combat readiness and performance.

Roger Sarkis