Iconic Sunglasses Brands That Stand the Test of Time

As summer approaches, you're probably thinking about ways to upgrade your sunglasses game. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to select the right pair that expresses your personal style. In 2024, timeless classics like Ray-Ban and Oakley remain go-to brands for their iconic styles, while high-end names like Prada and Versace make bold fashion statements. And for unbeatable lens technology that provides crisp, clear vision even on the brightest days, Maui Jim is a top contender. No matter your taste, you're sure to find shades to make you look and feel your best this summer from one of these stellar sunglass brands. Keep reading to discover the top sunglass brands of 2024 that will have you looking cool wherever your warm-weather adventures may take you.

Ray-Ban: The Original Aviator Sunglasses


One of the most well-known sunglasses brands, Ray-Ban has been producing stylish and high-quality shades since 1937. Their Wayfarer and Aviator models have become classics and pop culture fixtures, worn by celebrities and the general public alike. Ray-Ban continues to release updated versions of these iconic styles, as well as new models that follow the brand's tradition of pairing fashion and function.

Oakley Sunglasses for Active Lifestyles


For performance sunglasses, Oakley is an industry leader. Founded in 1975, Oakley pioneered the use of cutting-edge materials and technologies to produce sunglasses suited for athletic pursuits. Their lenses are impact-resistant and provide 100% UV protection, meeting the needs of everyone from cyclists to skiers to golfers. While best known for sport models, Oakley also offers stylish lifestyle sunglasses.

Maui Jim Sunglasses Bring Hawaii Vibes

Maui Jim

Maui Jim sunglasses are inspired by the natural beauty of Hawaii and its crystal clear waters. They are designed to enhance color and provide superior glare protection. Maui Jim is an innovative brand that uses patented lens technology for an unparalleled visual experience.

PolarizedPlus2® Lens Technology

Maui Jim's signature polarized lens is called the PolarizedPlus2® lens. It eliminates 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of harmful UV rays while enhancing color. The lens is made of polycarbonate, providing impact-resistance and clarity. Maui Jim's lens technology allows you to see the world through the lens the way nature intended.

Frame Styles for Every Face

Maui Jim offers frame styles for both men and women in classic and trendy designs. Their aviator and wayfarer styles are timeless, while cat eye and round frames are stylish options for women. For athletic styles, Maui Jim has frames geared for golf, tennis, fishing, and other sports. With various lens shapes, sizes, and frame materials like nylon, stainless steel, and titanium, you can find Maui Jim sunglasses to flatter your face shape and style.

Premium Brand, Lifetime Warranty

While Maui Jim sunglasses are in a higher price range, you get what you pay for. Their sunglasses are high quality and backed by a lifetime warranty. Maui Jim stands behind their products and will repair or replace any damaged or defective frames or lenses. With proper care and storage, a pair of Maui Jim's can last a lifetime.

Prada: Luxury Meets Fashionable Eyewear


Known for high-end luxury goods and cutting-edge fashion, Prada also produces stylish yet functional sunglasses. Their eyewear line combines premium materials with progressive designs, appealing to fashion-conscious consumers seeking the latest trends.

Premium Craftsmanship

Prada sunglasses are meticulously crafted in Italy from the finest materials, including acetate, metal, and polycarbonate. Acetate frames are lightweight yet durable, available in a range of colors and patterns. Metal designs incorporate stainless steel and monel, an alloy of copper and nickel, chosen for its malleability and anti-corrosive properties. Polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection and impact resistance.

Avant-Garde Aesthetics

Prada is at the forefront of eyewear trends, releasing new collections each season that push the boundaries of style. Their sunglasses feature unconventional shapes, unique accents, and bold patterns that make a memorable fashion statement. The Prada Linea Rossa collection incorporates influences from the world of high-performance sports sunglasses but with a distinctive fashion-forward twist.

Widespread Appeal

While aspirational in terms of price point, Prada sunglasses have a wide range of styles to suit different tastes. At the higher end, their couture collections use rare, opulent materials and artisanal embellishments that elevate sunglasses to wearable art. More accessibly priced models incorporate similar styling in a pared-down form. This combination of high fashion and commercial viability contributes to Prada’s status as a premier luxury sunglasses brand with popular global appeal.

Versace Sunglasses Make a Bold Statement


If you want to make a bold fashion statement, Versace sunglasses are the perfect choice. Versace is an Italian luxury fashion brand known for its glamorous and opulent designs. Its sunglasses embody the brand’s signature flashy and gaudy style.

Iconic Design

Versace sunglasses feature uniquely designed frames with the brand’s iconic Medusa head logo prominently displayed on the arms and lenses. The frames come in a variety of styles, from aviators to cat eye to wraparound, and are available in shiny metallics like gold and rose gold as well as bright colors. The lenses themselves also come in mirrored, gradient and polarized options in darker shades like brown and gray as well as pops of color.

Bold Fashion Statements

For those looking to stand out in a crowd, Versace sunglasses hit the mark. The brand’s over-the-top aesthetic results in eye-catching designs that attract attention. While Versace sunglasses may be too loud or garish for some, others will appreciate their ornate details and unapologetic opulence. For Versace fans and those with an affinity for conspicuous logos and flashy details, these sunglasses make a bold and memorable fashion statement.

High-End Investment

Versace sunglasses do come at a high price point given the brand’s prestige and use of premium materials. However, for those seeking to achieve a glamorous Hollywood or diva-inspired look, Versace sunglasses can be well worth the investment. They have become symbolic of lavish excess and a signal of status for fashionistas and aspiring A-listers around the world. If you’re looking for subtlety or minimalism, Versace sunglasses may not be for you. But if you want to emulate the lifestyle of the rich and famous, there are few brands that can help you achieve that look as well as Versace. Overall, Versace sunglasses are ideal for confident trendsetters looking to stand out in a bold and dramatic way.

Find Your Perfect Pair Based on Face Shape

Round Face

If you have a round face, angular frames are your best friend. They help create definition and balance out softer facial features. Styles like the Ray-Ban Clubmaster, Oakley Holbrook, or Versace VE2160B are excellent choices with their boxy shapes and clean lines. Avoid extremely rounded frames, as they can make a round face appear even fuller.

Square Face

With a square face, your goal is to soften your features. Curved or oval frames are ideal for this face shape. Brands like Prada and Maui Jim are known for styles with softer, rounded edges that will complement your facial structure. Frames that are narrower than the widest part of your face are also flattering. Styles with decorative accents along the top of the frames draw attention upwards and create the illusion of length.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you have options when it comes to frame shapes. Square, rectangular, and round frames all work well for balancing oval faces. The key is to choose frames that are as wide or wider than the widest part of your face. Styles like the Ray-Ban Justin, Oakley Turbine Rotor, or Maui Jim Twin Falls are excellent for oval faces with their bold, attention-grabbing shapes. Rimless frames should be avoided, as they do little to balance an oval face.

Heart-Shaped Face

With a heart-shaped face, the goal is to balance out a wider forehead and narrow jawline. Frames that are wider at the bottom and draw attention downward are ideal. Cat eye frames, aviators, and rounded styles help create balance. Brands like Prada, Versace, and Maui Jim offer frames with embellishments and detailing along the bottom of the lenses to help broaden the appearance of the jawline. Frames that are wider than the widest part of your face will overpower your features, so aim for frames that are the same width as your cheekbones.

In the end, the brand of your stylish sunglasses is not as important as finding a pair that fits your unique face shape and personal style. Take the time to try on different styles and find options that not only protect your eyes but also make you feel confident and comfortable. With so many exceptional brands on the market today, you're sure to find your perfect pair.

2024 Sunglasses Trends: What's in Style Now

As we move into 2024, several styles of sunglasses are making a statement. Classic aviator sunglasses remain a popular, timeless choice, now available in trendy rose gold and silver frames. Round frames, like the Ray-Ban Clubmasters, also continue to be fashionable and complement many face shapes.

For those wanting an edgier look, rectangular frames with sharp angles are in vogue. Brands like Oakley and Maui Jim offer sporty frames in this style. Shield sunglasses, with their futuristic visor-like lens, are a bold option seen on runways and red carpets. Top fashion houses like Prada and Versace have released their own takes on this dramatic style.

Mirrored lenses add flair, reflecting the colors around you, and are a favorite of celebrities and influencers. Flashy mirrored frames in copper, blue and pink are major trends for 2024 in both classic and cutting-edge styles. Polarized lenses, which reduce glare, are also in high demand for those spending time on the water or in the snow.

Transparent colored frames allow your eyes to be visible while still providing sun protection. Pretty pastel frames in sorbet hues like mint, peach and lilac are whimsical choices for feminine looks. For the eco-conscious, sustainable natural materials such as bamboo, wood and recycled plastics are popular in many brands.

Whatever your personal style, 2024 has a pair of shades for you. From retro-inspired to futuristic, natural to neon, the options for this season’s hottest sunglasses are endless. Staying on trend or making your own fashion statement, you’ll be sure to find frames to match your look. Keep your eyes shielded in style with the top sunglasses brands and latest trends of 2024.

Roger Sarkis