Sunglasses: How to Look Cool With Different Outfits in 2024

Rock Casual Summer Style With the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

You know how sunglasses can totally transform an outfit and make you look instantly cooler? Well, get ready to take your sunglasses game up a notch this year with some pro tips for styling shades with all your favorite looks. From flirty florals to sleek athleisure, we've got the inside scoop on pairing the hottest sunglasses trends of 2024 with your wardrobe essentials. Read on for the 101 on picking the perfect pair to complement your personal style - whether you're headed to brunch with the girls, getting glam for a wedding, or chilling poolside. With this sunglasses styling guide, you'll be rocking designer specs and an effortlessly cool vibe all season long. Let's dive in!

Dress Up Your Formal Look: Sunglasses to Elevate Your Outfit

When you want to look sophisticated for a special event, the right pair of shades can take your formal outfit to the next level. Aviator or Wayfarer styles in gold or silver metal frames pair perfectly with a stylish suit or cocktail dress. The classic teardrop shape of aviators has a retro yet polished vibe, while the square wayfarers project an intellectual coolness.

For an evening affair, consider rounded frames in a tortoiseshell pattern or translucent frames with metal accents. These stylish shades in amber, rose or navy tints complement jewel tones and metallics in your formal wardrobe. Whether cat eye, oval or rimless, their curvy silhouettes and luxe details balance the straight, tailored lines of a tuxedo or evening gown.

If your style is more cutting edge, futuristic shield or visor sunglasses make a bold fashion-forward statement. Their space-age contours and mirrored lenses in neon or iridescent tints create an otherworldly vibe that pairs well with avant-garde formalwear. However, these extreme sunnies may be too conspicuous or distracting for some dress codes, so check the specifics of your event’s attire guidelines.

When selecting sunglasses to glam up your formal outfit, keep the occasion and your personal style in mind. Frames that complement the mood, color scheme and formality of your ensemble will make you shine as brightly as the event itself. The right sunglasses can turn an ordinary formal look into an extraordinary stylish statement.

Make a Statement With Oversized Frames

Oversized sunglasses are perfect for a laidback summer look. Pair some round frames with a flowy tank top and denim cutoffs for a stylish yet fuss-free outfit. Or go glam and choose a cat eye style to accentuate a bright sundress. Either way, oversized sunnies are ideal for making a bold and fashionable statement.

oversized sunglasses

Go Retro With Aviators

You really can’t go wrong with a classic pair of aviators. Their teardrop shape flatters nearly every face and adds a touch of vintage cool to any outfit. Rock a bomber jacket, graphic tee and joggers for an athleisure look with attitude. Or style them with a breezy button-down, cuffed jeans and loafers for a retro summer vibe. However you wear them, aviators are eternally stylish.

Keep It Simple With Round Frames

For casual days when you just want to throw on something comfortable and go, rounded frames are a perfect choice. Their circular shape is minimal and fuss-free, complementing laidback outfits without overpowering them. Pair them with a slouchy tee, linen pants and slip-on sneakers for a look that’s stylish yet effortless. Keep the lenses light for extra summery appeal.

With so many sunglasses styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Find a shape that reflects your personal style and complements your favorite summer looks. When paired with the perfect outfit, the right sunglasses have a way of making you feel confident, fashionable and ready to take on the season in style.

Sunglasses for the Beach and Poolside: Stay Stylish and Protect Your Eyes

When you're lounging by the water this summer, the right pair of sunglasses is essential. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun's harsh UV rays, but they complete your stylish poolside look.

Shield Your Eyes

The intensity of the sun reflecting off sand and water can do damage to your eyes over time. Look for sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Polarized lenses are also helpful for reducing glare.

Complement Your Swimsuit

If you're rocking a fun, patterned bikini or beach coverup, pick sunglasses with colored or mirrored lenses in a complementary hue. Tortoise shell frames also pair nicely with most summer prints. For a simple black swimsuit, wayfarer-style frames in black or brown keep things classic.

Consider Your Face Shape

Certain styles tend to flatter particular face shapes. Round faces look nice with angular wayfarers or aviators. Square faces benefit from round frames. Oval faces can pull off almost any style, so go with what you like! For heart-shaped faces, try frames that are wider at the bottom to balance out your features.

Stay Practical

When selecting sunglasses for the beach or pool, consider how you'll be using them. Oversized frames may be stylish but can be annoying when swimming or sunbathing face down. Wrap-around styles and frames with nose pads stay on better when wet or sweaty. And for the ultimate in practicality, look for floating sunglasses or a strap to keep them around your neck.

The beach and pool should be all about fun and relaxation. With the right sunglasses shielding your eyes, complementing your look, and staying practical through all your water activities, you'll be soaking in the summer sun in style.

Stand Out at Festivals With Fun, Fashionable Shades

When you’re dressed in athleisure wear, sporty sunglasses are a must to complete the look. Athletic styles that are casual yet high-performance are ideal for this fashion.

Sport Styles

For working out or lounging in yoga pants and a tank, consider sporty styles like aviators, wraparounds or shields. Metal aviator sunglasses in silver or gold add a stylish retro touch, while wraparound and shield styles provide more coverage for outdoor activities. Look for pairs made of durable, lightweight materials like polycarbonate that can take impact.

Performance Brands

Well-known performance brands like Oakley, Costa del Mar and Electric are great options for athleisure style. Their sport sunglasses are designed for activity, with polarized lenses to reduce glare, and often made of impact-resistant plastics. Many offer interchangeable lens options so you can switch between lenses for different light conditions.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your athleisure eyewear. Bright colors, mirrored lenses, neon accents and unusual patterns on the frames or lenses will give your look a bold, eye-catching finish. Retro-inspired and futuristic styles also pair well for a stylish gym or yoga class look.


Complete your athleisure sunglasses with a sporty cap, headband or visor. A fitness tracker on your wrist also enhances the sporty vibe. For women, a high ponytail or braid and minimal makeup keep the focus on your stylish sunnies. With the right accessories, you’ll look ready to hit the gym, trails or just relax in comfort with an extra dose of cool.

Athleisure style is all about looking casually sporty and sunglasses are key to nailing this laid-back yet put-together fashion. Bold, high-performance eyewear and complementary accessories will ensure you look ready for activity or relaxation.

Roger Sarkis